Mega locators has been conducting researches for 30 years focusing on gold, heavy metals, archaeological treasures, and underground water.
The expert team, existing in German, has developed and achieved many researches regarding metal detection in which all international companies and manufacturers relied on for their productions.
These technologies, we introduced to the world, have helped improving all the detecting machines ranging from small devices to big ones. Consequently, people around the world have achieved their dreams easily.
Mega detectors group has decided to introduce a new set of detectors after conduction many researches by our experts from the most prominent regions around the world including Germany (as a head quarter), USA, Brazil, Australia, Japan, India, South Africa, .... etc. The aims of these detectors are:

  1. Easing the process of searching and metal detection for all customers around the world by providing them small devices instead of big ones which capable of doing the same job.
  2. Providing the agents and customers with a new exclusive technology and making it available in markets away from monopoly .
  3. All rights are legally reserved to Mega Locators, Germany.
  4. This technology has proved efficiency and easy to use method for all experts and beginners with realistic and fast results.
  5. Focusing on delivering our products to all customers with suitable prices. Instead of wasting huge amount of money on products that can barely achieve 20% of ours.
  6. Contracting with the most popular companies to deliver our products to all customers around the world.

The new set of products has been given the name "Mega Detection" which includes:

  • Mega Gold
  • Mega G3
  • Mega Scan Pro

This is our specialty , and we are proud to support an archaeologist , prospectors and amateur searchers for the professional treasures in all over the world . with the metal detector of our . But not only prospectors can use this special detection equipment . Detectors accessible to everyone Made in Germany
We have a magnetic measurement and the measurement signal tools. It is also usable in the scientific and industrial purposes , such as detection of tunnels and caves, metal targets and other anomalies deep in the ground . The manufactured of our technology detects specialized metals distinguish between the different types of metals such as gold, silver or other precious metals. In this way you have the possibility of detecting and extracting treasures buried for long periods and find precious ancient targets placed underground. Pick up signals emitted from buried objects from long distance
We are working to put the first technology in the metal detector devices in your hands .